Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trades Galore

I'm working on a trade with Idelissa (make up for me from her, and a bracelet like the one in my last post for her daughter!) this weekend, and tonight just made another trade!

This one is with themermaidsbraid on Etsy. She is a Mother who takes the time from her adorable kids to handspin wool, knit beautiful hats, and generally be crafty. Take the time to pop over to her shop and view the beautiful yarn that is there!

We traded yarn for some items that were on my shop, that are now gone (as technically, they were sold!). That makes 4 'sales' for me!
Here are the two skeins of yarn that I'll be getting, and hopefully be making some gorgeous items out of!

This wool is a gorgeous blueberry color, and I'm sure it'll make a beautiful scarf, or maybe even a pair of hand warmers!

The next wool is so pretty, and handspun with two different kinds of fiber; a vintage purple thread and a white satin viscose.

I'm sure both yarns are going to make lovely items, and I'll more than likely return to Etsy to sell them!

Alright off to bed with me, incredibly tired, even though it's only strange!

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