Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sundays are the best, until around 4pm

That's when you realize that it'll be Monday all too soon. Alas, Mondays are not as fun as Sundays....I have less time for Etsy!

Posted a few new items up on Etsy over the weekend, and am pretty happy with how they turned out. The earrings on the right are one of the items I posted ust recently. They're fun and gorgeous and really elegant.

On a more personal note, the second bank signed on the contract for my house, so if all goes according to plan, I should have a house by October 30th! I'm so excited. I'll have my very own craft room, complete with a work desk and closet to store everything. Much better than working on a table where I have to clean everything up whenever we have company.

The Northern California Renaissance Faire in 2009 has been fun so far. I went for the 2nd weekend, and will be going back for the 5th and 6th! I'm planning on finding a cloak and two new skirts before I go back.

From 2008's Ren Faire. Me at the garland booth with Ahnah, one of the garland employee's munchkins.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Items Up

I went on a jewelry making FRENZY this weekend, and made something like 10 new items. Posted five of them online on Etsy, go see!

I really like how this one in particular came out.
The green glass glows very effectively in the sunlight. It was a rainy day unforunately, so the lighting for the photographs wasn't exactly what I wanted...but it still came out well if I do say so myself.
Sent off 3 items on Thursday, and 2 of the people have contacted me to say they not only got their items, but love them! I'm so excited that my skills are making people happy.

I would like to point the spotlight on another Etsian for a moment.
Neatothings has a really awesome shop, and I've gone there several times for supplies, and just to look around! My current favorite item from that shop is the Megadestash Kit, which is just FULL of goodies. Go have a look!

The above kit was used to make these earrings, which my entire family raved about. I'm going to have to make more, I think my sister's friend is going to snatch these up before anyone on Etsy has the chance!

It's fall, so I'm going to start making crocheted items soon. I'm thinking I'm going to focus on hats and scarves and little fingerless gloves, as I love them so much myself. I have over 30 scarves and 10+ hats at home, but no fingerless gloves! Going to have to make a bunch, and then save at least one pair for myself :)

I love this design on Etsy by Etsyian LoveFuzz! How cute is that beanie?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trades Galore

I'm working on a trade with Idelissa (make up for me from her, and a bracelet like the one in my last post for her daughter!) this weekend, and tonight just made another trade!

This one is with themermaidsbraid on Etsy. She is a Mother who takes the time from her adorable kids to handspin wool, knit beautiful hats, and generally be crafty. Take the time to pop over to her shop and view the beautiful yarn that is there!

We traded yarn for some items that were on my shop, that are now gone (as technically, they were sold!). That makes 4 'sales' for me!
Here are the two skeins of yarn that I'll be getting, and hopefully be making some gorgeous items out of!

This wool is a gorgeous blueberry color, and I'm sure it'll make a beautiful scarf, or maybe even a pair of hand warmers!

The next wool is so pretty, and handspun with two different kinds of fiber; a vintage purple thread and a white satin viscose.

I'm sure both yarns are going to make lovely items, and I'll more than likely return to Etsy to sell them!

Alright off to bed with me, incredibly tired, even though it's only strange!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Featured Etsyian!

I was the featured Etsyian on Elan Vital Anthology's blog this week!

So exciting to be working on my craft, and networking, and making friends all at the same time.

I received some sample makeup packets from Idelissa, another Etsyian. The makeup is super soft, light, and completely matte, which is perfect for me because of my oily skin! I am incredibly light skinned, so her 'fair' shade is perfect for me. She's going to mix up a custom batch of Fair makeup for oily skin, and I'm going to look awesome!

This weekend's plans:

Ship out Elaine's Bracelet, start working on more natural jewelry with seaglass and shells as the focal pieces, get the S key fixed on my keyboard (I have to pound on it to get it to function!), and invest in some clear resin to make pendants out of the fabric pieces I mentioned in my last entry.

I'm excited for this labor day weekend, what about you?