Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Items Up

I went on a jewelry making FRENZY this weekend, and made something like 10 new items. Posted five of them online on Etsy, go see!

I really like how this one in particular came out.
The green glass glows very effectively in the sunlight. It was a rainy day unforunately, so the lighting for the photographs wasn't exactly what I wanted...but it still came out well if I do say so myself.
Sent off 3 items on Thursday, and 2 of the people have contacted me to say they not only got their items, but love them! I'm so excited that my skills are making people happy.

I would like to point the spotlight on another Etsian for a moment.
Neatothings has a really awesome shop, and I've gone there several times for supplies, and just to look around! My current favorite item from that shop is the Megadestash Kit, which is just FULL of goodies. Go have a look!

The above kit was used to make these earrings, which my entire family raved about. I'm going to have to make more, I think my sister's friend is going to snatch these up before anyone on Etsy has the chance!

It's fall, so I'm going to start making crocheted items soon. I'm thinking I'm going to focus on hats and scarves and little fingerless gloves, as I love them so much myself. I have over 30 scarves and 10+ hats at home, but no fingerless gloves! Going to have to make a bunch, and then save at least one pair for myself :)

I love this design on Etsy by Etsyian LoveFuzz! How cute is that beanie?

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