Thursday, September 3, 2009

Featured Etsyian!

I was the featured Etsyian on Elan Vital Anthology's blog this week!

So exciting to be working on my craft, and networking, and making friends all at the same time.

I received some sample makeup packets from Idelissa, another Etsyian. The makeup is super soft, light, and completely matte, which is perfect for me because of my oily skin! I am incredibly light skinned, so her 'fair' shade is perfect for me. She's going to mix up a custom batch of Fair makeup for oily skin, and I'm going to look awesome!

This weekend's plans:

Ship out Elaine's Bracelet, start working on more natural jewelry with seaglass and shells as the focal pieces, get the S key fixed on my keyboard (I have to pound on it to get it to function!), and invest in some clear resin to make pendants out of the fabric pieces I mentioned in my last entry.

I'm excited for this labor day weekend, what about you?

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