Thursday, August 20, 2009

One foot forward

One step at a time.

I used to blog a lot, but back then it was Livejournal that I used instead...It was all personal and nothing business related, as I didn't have a business.

So this is the start of something fresh, something new and exciting!

Welcome to my artsy blog, where I'll be posting all things artsy, fun, and honestly? Probably very random.

You can find me on etsy at
Feel free to go peruse my offerings, leave me a convo, or just plain stalk me :)

Hopefully I'll have time to edit this blog and make it look more like ME in the coming weeks, and post lots of new items, interviews of other artists, and neat things I've found on the web.

Until then,

Photo by Adria Wells(aka flylikehermes)

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