Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Items and a view into my work station!

I've been a busy busy girl, and luckily so has my boyfriend. He put together the bed above my desk, then put the lights on attached to the bottom of the bunk bed. Now my work station is bright no matter the time of day!

See all those wonderful little gray organizers? Those save me tons of time looking for things. I'm a maniac when it comes to organizing, and could spend hours upon hours reorganizing things just for the heck of it.You can't see it really, but on the right under neath the bed is a rack attached to the wall; that's where I hang my rolls of ribbon, chain, and wire! So handy. The chair is a reclaimed dining room chair from a set my Mother was going to throw out. I spray painted it purple (one of my favorite colors) and it's been mine ever since. On the left of the desk is a wooden organizer for all my pliers, snippers, mandrels, wire straighteners, bead reamers and other tools. Again, very handy for my organized self. I love my work station, even if it is PACKED!

One of my newest pieces, incorporating an upcycled belt buckle for the center piece and gorgeous 4mm garnet beads for the necklace itself. I love how vintage it is and how intricate the belt buckle was!

The idea for these earrings came to while I was watching the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightening Thief. This was actually the start of my Olympians series, and I have finally found the right component to make these earrings the way I wanted! They're made from green blue tiger's eye, delicate sterling silver chain, and a sterling silver fish hook. I love how the tiger's eye shimmers and changes in the light!

This is a HUGE opalite briolette that I bought specifically for a custom order. The buyer wanted a piece that reminded her of 'thorns and roses' and was made with an opalite piece. This piece ended up being my very first complicated wire wrapped piece, and I believe it came out pretty well. I'm going to be practicing more and learning new techniques and keep expanding my horizons on this though.

This is a little history: When I first started flylikehermes, this little guy was going to be my logo! I drew him and colored him and was going to use him foreverything. Then I realized that while the name is flylikehermes, the designs are much more adult than my drawing. My current logo was made by my best friend, Cassie Resendez. She makes logos, designs banners and avatars, and is brilliant with color, shape and design.
This is the design she made for me! :)
I love love LOVE the customized f she made, the little wing on the left was my idea, and Cassie made it perfect! If you're interested in getting a custom logo or design, go see her at her Etsy.

I love Spring, and the weather is getting better and better. I'm riding my bike to work all the time now. What are you doing now that it's spring?


  1. What a wonderful workstation! Thank you for the nice comment about the wedding dress! I have my eye on that fairy necklace to match the earrings....Your Friend! Sandy

  2. Aw thanks Sandy! The necklaces are so much fun to custom make, I'm going to be making and adding more soon! :)